Beef King is a Denver food truck specializing in Chicago Style Italian Beef, and offers plenty of gluten free and vegan options.  We have a dedicated gluten free fryer and proudly serve ALL gluten free desserts.  We offer drop off catering and sell our products by the pound for you to take n make it at home.  Almost any item on our menu and catering menu can be made in gluten free.

Our goals are simple…

Use our passion for food to craft flavorful dishes that make you feel like royalty and keeps you coming back for more.  Whether it’s our Denver Italian beef, hand rolled organic meatballs, or our unique gluten free desserts that no one can tell are gluten free, our food is fit for a king, queen, prince or princess.

We strive to use fresh, organic and locally sourced ingredients as often as possible, and regularly use our own organically grown seasonal ingredients.

Beef King was started on Mother’s Day 2013, by Linda M. who began selling authentic Chicago style Italian beef at Denver farmers market’s.  She was a nurse for 23 years, a diabetes educator with a Masters in public health and part-time jobs in diabetes education were no where to be found.  So she decided to marry her love of cooking with her Italian heritage and growing up in Chicago.

The markets were a great way to start out but after a few months, one of her sons was diagnosed with celiac disease and another lactose intolerance.  She decided to use her healthcare background and personal experience, to venture into the world of gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan.  In 2015, she upgraded to a food truck and believes that bringing the food to the people is way cool.

She utilizes her healthcare background to create a unique range of delicious dishes for all types of eaters (carnivores, vegans, paleo), people with food challenges, and the ex Chicagoans just looking for an authentic beef to take them back to Sweet Home Chicago.

Come visit hungry!