Beef King is a Denver business specializing in Chicago Style Italian Beef, GLUTEN FREE, and much, much, more.  We offer regular and gluten free catering, by the pound Take n Make, Grab n Go around town, and you can also find us at local farmers markets.  We LOVE to cook!

Our goals are simple…

Use our passion for food to craft flavorful food that makes you feel like royalty and keeps you coming back for more.  Whether it’s our Denver Italian beef, hand rolled organic meatballs, or our unique gluten free desserts that no one can tell are gluten free, our food is fit for a king, queen, prince or princess.

We strive to use fresh, organic and locally sourced ingredients as often as possible, and regularly use our own organically grown seasonal ingredients.

Gluten Free 

Beef King is committed to making delicious gluten free food and feel strongly that gluten free does NOT have to taste like gluten free.

We proudly offer ALL gluten free desserts, and almost any item on our menu and catering menu can be made in gluten free.   We use dedicated equipment to make our gluten free food and desserts, and extensively research ingredients to ensure they do not contain gluten.   Questions and special requests are always welcome!

Many people tell us they cannot tell our products are gluten free…yay…that’s the point! ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR GLUTEN FREE!